Heath (wshflthnkr) wrote,

Today when I should have been studying, I made a list of some of the things I love about Boston College. Here they are:

• On Valentine’s Day condoms are scattered across walkways and taped to doors for the love birds on campus.
• The t-shirts advertising for the Vagina Monologues. Picture the I <3 NY shirts… Only it says “I <3 MY” on the front and “VAGINA” in big letters on the back
• When is it only 40 degrees people make sure to wear their shorts and flip flops.
• On the day of an exam, you get to see how many people are actually in your class!
• My geology labs revolve around legos and building roller coasters
• The Jesuit faith was founded by Ignatius and yet, for our theology class we were told to return the books we had on Ignatius because we won’t be studying him.
• In the School of Ed we are already treated like teachers. Being told that we have to take care of “our” girls and look out for “our” boys at the same time.

Ok- that’s it. There’s a lot more that I love about this school, but these are some of the more entertaining ones….

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